KlarityRisk Risk Limits



With investors becoming savvier and more demanding day after day, the need to safeguard from litigation risk and mitigate operational and reputational risk becomes imperative. Risk Limits is a solution that helps you prove to existing clients and regulators that risk is actively managed and quantified on a daily basis, hence your company follows best practices on risk monitoring and active risk minimization process is followed, in order to achieve highest possible returns. Key features:

  • Daily Portfolio/Fund/Model monitoring via automated processes to ensure that models/portfolios adhere to company policies, client risk profiles and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Evaluation and reporting of investment model/portfolio risk metrics such as VaR, CVaR, Tracking Error, Volatility, Custom Concentration Rules, Beta, Expected Returns and many more
  • Automatically triggered alerts in case of breaches and e-mails sent to interested parties


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If you are an SS&C Advent client, Risk Limits can offer you additional benefits. Learn more here.