HFM US Technology Awards 2020 recognizes and shortlists KlarityRisk

HFM US Technology Awards 2020 recognizes and shortlists KlarityRisk

London, UK – January 2, 2020. KlarityRisk, a fast growing, award-winning Risk Analytics and Regulatory Risk Reporting Software provider, has been shortlisted for the 2020 HFM US Technology Awards in the category of “Best risk management solution”.

The US Technology Awards 2020 recognize and reward IT and software providers serving the hedge fund sector that have demonstrated exceptional customer service and innovative product development over the past 12 months.

KlarityRisk via a comprehensive set of tools, methodologies and measurements keeps track of portfolio risk vs return, aims to control and suggest alternatives to market risk exposures, identify sources of portfolio return sensitivities to systematic factors, and provides extensive Stress Testing capabilities for 360-degrees clarity, as well as what-if capabilities. Our Risk Limits functionality allows for an automated validation that strategies are within market risk boundaries.

“It is with great honor that we accept this independent selection of our company, to be shortlisted in such a prestigious award, amongst several well-known and respected competitors in the industry! This comes as a validation and reward of our continuous effort to provide innovative, trusted, robust solutions to the buy-side of the Investment Management industry, with special focus upon the Hedge Funds sector needs,” said Makis Ioannou, KlarityRisk CEO.  “Leaving no stone unturned, our team of Risk experts and analysts, constantly work to keep up with this fast-evolving industry in delivering exemplary services and trustworthiness via our technology solutions.”

About KlarityRisk

KlarityRisk is an award-winning Market Risk Analytics and Risk Management software and services provider, focused on the buy-side sector of the investment management industry.

KlarityRisk products allow wealth and portfolio managers to keep portfolio risk workflows on track with a comprehensive set of tools, methodologies and measurements, aiming to control risk exposures via timely and continuous monitoring and reporting of investment’s risk.

The Company, founded in 2012, is based in London, UK, with offices in New York and a Competence & Support Center in Athens, Greece. KlarityRisk is an SS&C Advent Software, as well as, a FactSet partner.


More details at sales@klarityrisk.com


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