H1’2020 KlarityRisk Platform Updates

H1’2020 KlarityRisk Platform Updates

Focusing on Performance, Technology, Reporting & User Experience


June 23, 2020


KlarityRisk today announces a new release of its investment analytics platform. “KlarityRisk 20.1 includes a palette of functional and technological enhancements, which in conjunction with its new fully configurable User Interface, allows the user to utilize the full breadth, depth and flexibility of the system in an intuitive and modular manner”, said Makis Ioannou, CEO of KlarityRisk.

The KlarityRisk 20.1 release spans three main enhancement areas:

  • Latest advanced technology
  • Configurable user experience
  • Customizable modular reporting.


Highlights of the new KlarityRisk 20.1 version include:


1.   KlarityRisk platform User Experience


Concurrent tab-based processes
The system structure is based on tabs (as opposed to windows), similar to the structure adopted by modern browsers, allowing the user to concurrently display different system functionalities on individual tabs.

Faster User Interface
The technology frameworks and processes used in the development of the new release, provide a faster and more responsive User Interface, which allows for more intuitive data visualizations and user-customisable dashboards. Application windows scale according to screen sizes, thus providing a more user-friendly experience.

Modern development frameworks
The technology of the new release allows for no system policy exclusions, as it operates using the latest development frameworks and security rules, thus enabling greater automation and integration. We use modern browsers to adopt all modern security and technology features.


2.   KlarityRisk Reporting


Multiple on-the-fly user dashboards and widgets
The user can create an unlimited number of customizable dashboards as well as use any widget in the composition of a dashboard among the standard set or new custom ones.

Multiple customizable views of the same portfolio view
Each system report (for instance, a portfolio risk decomposition) can be customized based on classification grouping, data field sorting and visible data columns. All views can be saved in the system for later user retrieval.

Customizable metric view on reports, according to limits
On each system report, the user can select up to four metrics and corresponding coloring schemes, providing a quick view of preferred metrics with their colored-coded limit numbers.

Multiple grid coloring and notification, based on user-defined metrics
On the system reports, the user can configure multiple color schemes to display on the grid, based on specific pre-determined set of limits for a wide range of risk metrics.

Updated Reports Handling and Improved SSRS performance
The user is able to easily add any custom reports on the system menu. There is also a faster system report generation and default values set, for the most efficient generation of reports.


3.   KlarityRisk Risk Limits module


Integrated Risk Limits to the core KlarityRisk and Increased Control flexibility
The user can run the Risk Limits module from within KlarityRisk, using the same user interface. The user can, on an ad-hoc basis, trigger the Risk Limits functionality for on-the-fly calculations.

Improved Risk Limits performance and output time
The output of Risk limits is produced more quickly and in a more tailored way by the user.


4.   KlarityRisk/SS&C Advent Tidier Product Integration


Being integrated to the SS&C Advent products, all new KlarityRisk versions are up to date with the latest product releases of SS&C Advent. We release system updates once a year, including new user-driven features and fixes to respond to critical client needs and requirements.

Advent Portfolio Exchange-specific Reports
KlarityRisk platform provides a database-to-database native integration with APX (SS&C Advent’s core accounting, reporting and performance measurement application). A set of carefully designed reports are now available for use within APX, combining KlarityRisk metrics with the related APX performance data, for a consolidated view of risk-adjusted portfolio performance figures.


KlarityRisk is an award-winning Market Risk Analytics and Risk Management software and services provider, focused on the buy-side sector of the investment management industry.

KlarityRisk products allow wealth, asset and fund managers to keep portfolio risk workflows on track with a comprehensive set of tools, methodologies and measurements, aiming to control risk exposures via timely and continuous monitoring and reporting of investment’s risk.

KlarityRisk, founded in 2012, is located in London, UK, with offices in New York, USA and in Athens, Greece. KlarityRisk is a Finvent International, SS&C Advent Software and FactSet partner.


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