“The most important benefit so far is that we can update the risk status daily. Going forward, we aim to use the system as the basis for reporting to the board. We also plan to leverage its stress testing functionality to determine our regulatory capital requirement. So using Paragon for risk management brings us much closer to attaining the best practices we want to achieve.”

Liv Jorid Ødegård
Head of Middle Office, Statens Pensjonskasse

“Paragon provides the key tools we need to handle our increasingly complex risk requirements with confidence and control. The system is based upon standard technologies and methodologies, and renders our approach fully transparent. With Paragon we can schedule all the necessary executions both for our funds and client portfolios, and worry only about those metrics that exceed the risk limits we set.”

Thomas Konstantinidis
Managing Director, European Reliance Asset Management

“We have tested the stability and calculations of Paragon RM and we are satisfied with both. A review of Paragon’s market risk functionality leads us to believe that it is very similar to the market risk functionality offered by other leading providers of risk systems. The validated two-way, APX integration with Paragon, is a significant operational advantage, and we have been very happy working with the KlarityRisk professional team”.

Rob van Wechem
Head of Investment Management, Oyens & Van Eeghen

SPK Norway maximizes automation and reduces risk, helping portfolio managers make the right investment decisions, with SS&C Advent and KlarityRisk΄s solutions

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