Running a successful asset management business is equally about the need for solid risk management and innovation, as the quest for sound returns and profitability. Regulations keep becoming tighter and firms need to prove sustainability of products and services provided. With KlarityRisk innovative solutions you can analyze and manage Market and Compliance Risk, while lowering operational and legal risks.


Private banking divisions and wealth management firms continually face new challenges both from the regulatory side as from the investors side. Meeting the expectations of High-Net-Worth Clients while managing sustainable growth and complying with regulatory framework has proven to be a major challenge. KlarityRisk provides you with the solutions you need to achieve continuous risk monitoring, satisfy regulatory reporting needs and adhere to client mandates.


Hedge Funds need to have a continuous view and of their total risk of their investments as well as quick views of the relationships of risk-exposures utilized. Different hedge funds have different risk concerns and tolerances depending on objectives they have, trading strategies they follow as well as the instruments they employ. KlarityRisk provides specialized solutions to manage risk and report on firm-wide positions across multi-asset class investments.


Sovereign funds and similar type of firms need to have an accurate and up-to-date 360-degree picture of their consolidated investment risk as well as to be able to monitor specific and preferred investment risk dimensions of their invested assets. Further ability to stress test global and consolidated investments is paramount to evaluate portfolio resilience to different market conditions.  Having long-term experience in this market, KlarityRisk provides the necessary tools for your organization to automate processes and quantify potential risk exposures.


KlarityRisk has partnered with Advent since inception. As a member of Finvent Group of Companies (exclusive distributor of SS&C Advent), we have had a long experience and know-how of SS&C Advent solutions. All our solutions are fully integrated with SS&C Advent solutions, thus providing straight-through processing.

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