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KlarityRisk offers a full range of services to accommodate Μarket Risk Management and Risk Reporting needs of investment management firms. Our services are designed to provide turnkey solutions to prospects and solidify long term relationships with clients.

We recruit experienced professionals who, above all else, are committed to delivering excellent client service.  The Implementation Team comprises of professionals who have post- graduate university qualification, are multilingual and many have several years of investment management industry experience.

  • Pre-sales Analysis
  • Implementation Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Consulting Services
  • Training
  • Custom Engineering and Reporting
  • Relationship Management
  • Technical Support
  • Help Desk Support

Latest News

Portfolio Stress-Test I: Prepared for Volatility Shocks?

For a long time, the financial press has been awash with the historically low levels of volatility that markets have exhibited over the last few years. The prolonged appreciation of equity markets paired with extremely low interest rates has 'motivated' investors to retain high equity exposure. Consequently, investors have become ...
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Investment strategy and style drift: Mind the gap?

What’s the difference between systematic and mechanistic processes in complex systems? When it comes to investments, this is how we define it at KlarityRisk: Systematic is a process dictated by principles of implementation (i.e. to provide guidelines that repeatedly conform with predetermined rules), applied in the same methodological way through time. Mechanistic is ...
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Active vs. passive investing: Adversaries or allies?

The amount of research and press coverage about passive versus active investing has been unprecedented. If emerging investment flows are accounted for, the popular vote seems to be rather loud. Passive investments have been attracting a record-breaking amount of inflows, whilst active ones have been experiencing incremental outflows. It is not the purpose of our brief ...
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